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Punch Line: This Comedy Show


<p>Yes, it's called This Comedy Show! and yes you should come! Here are 3 reasons why:</p> <p>3. What else would you do? Stay home and watch Netflix? You did that last weekend. Go to the club and spend hella money only to regret it in the morning? Heck no! It's not your birthday! Come to The Comedy Show! Make a new friend!</p> <p>2. It's been a really long week and you could use a drink and a good laugh. Especially in the company of good people and a beautiful atmosphere. The Union Seattle is an innovation hub &amp; event space that fosters community, commerce, creativity, and culture for people of African descent and their allies.</p> <p>1. because we said so.</p> <p>Think of it more as a family reunion with people you haven't met yet. And yes we will do be doing the electric slide at the end.</p> <p></p>